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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fickle wickle whatever shmickle...blah!

I change the header of my other tired with it so yeah...hehe! my friends are whinning on why I keep changing stuff...YEAH YEAH YEAH! whatever dude...I just happen to be consistent with my creative riffs so bug off hehe! I have to update my photoshop tutorial blog. I haven't posted for like a month now I think...but who's counting ;p I have to find a hosting site so I could merge my four blogs into one. I'm kinda tired of updating 4 blogs in different setting. I might confused myself and go haywire...twitch twitch twitch...*doing the hand gestures :D A friend of mine even deemed me as his official editor of his photos...but its cool though ;)

OOOooohhh boooyyyy...

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Reviving my oh-so-cheezy old blog...

I'm reviving my old blog...WEEEEE!!! I dunno how this blog popped up coz I deleted this a year ago but what the heck! I just love relivin' my good old chaotic days..hahahaha! Confused, misconstrued, lost and mostly dazed memories I had... sigh! oh joy...(sarcastically saying). I will be maintaining 4 blogs from now on...sheessshhh! I have a feeling that I will be having my hands full heheheh!

Help!!! :O

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Being Nefarious... ;p

Sigh...lot of things happen over this past 2 weeks. I dont even know where to start coz its been like a whirlwind extravaganza for yours truly *smirks... all I can say is that I met some new to hang out with the posse and got to fix some neck deep problems which by the way I like to disclose. Soooo, my story continues. My friend Aldwyn came home from UK. I was really happy coz I havent seen him for like a couple of months. He called me through my cellphone and saying he is an agent in a call center telling that I should come for an interview. I was having multiple suspicion that the voice on the other end is Aldwyn...yeah! he cant fool me. He was waiting for me at a hotel so that I can pick him up. DUHH!!! I have a class so he has to get to the p*house by himself so I gave him directions. And sooo, the rest of the happenings are history. Do check out for some details at the pink posse blogspot so you will know whats going down with this misfits...hehehhe! see yah and I'm outie!

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

What a sad sad life I'm in....

It's really pathetic to know that I have a sad sad life. I mean I am cool being other guys, get to hang out with my buddies, work and other stuff but...I just dont get it...AT ALL! Its weird actually because for the past few days I have been irrate all the time. I get upset...MAD even over trivial things (its not hormones okay?!!). Being understanding is out of the question even..I mean I am understanding...heheheh! I have to ease out a bit...BE LOOOSEEEE! maybe I'm just stressed that's all. Its really stupid because I have been trying to find the answers but right now...I'm still looking!DARN! Help me will yah??!!! I'll go BANANAS if I go on with this friggin' s@#%!

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Monday, July 25, 2005

The Gambling Queens of the Pink Posse Chuva ;p

Gambling Galore Posted by Picasa

Now here we are doing our aggravating card game of Tong-its, chikicha and Blackjack. What so sad is that I keep on losing to poor money..huhuhu! I'm gonna kick your ass next time Jay! All your millions will be mine for the taking! mwaahahahahah!

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Friday, July 08, 2005

The Anime freak in me...

The anime that I fell in love with... Posted by Picasa

The anime that I fell in love with...Samurai X. Never got tired watching re-runs on TV. Used to watch it in Japanese version on AXN. I was having a hard time keeping up with conversation but, I was able to understand a bit. Actually, the episodes were incomplete because they ended up with the feng shui story. The ending was never shown on television due to numerous reasons. The maker of the anime didn't spill any consistent information...DARN! they left me hanging! heheh. If you want to know the ending, just buy the DVD or VHS. Its not actually available here in the have to order it at the net...TOUGH LUCK! Fortunately, I was able to know the ending courtesy of Episode summary in the net. I'm such a spoiler huh? Ken-san, anata wa kawaii yo!! aishiteru ze! Mata ne!

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Poxvirus of your choice...smallpox anyone???

Poxvirus of your choice... Posted by Picasa

Reading selection: Unnatural Exposure by Patricia Cornwell

I gotta switch genre but the vampiric tempest in me will never die...the bloodsucking darlings can wait...those misfits can feast on pesky mortals without me hehhe! So why the sudden change of genre?!! tired? no. actually, I just wanna explore a bit..expose myself to other titles and such. I was contemplating on my other picks in the reading list. I narrowed down 3 options...forensics, crime scene investigation and kick ass stuff. And so, an author popped into my head...PATRICIA CORNWELL! She's into that kind of stuff so this would be interesting. I surveyed my way to the library and perused some of the titles. I was indecisive at first...flipping from title to title and BAM! found one..Unnatural Exposure.

The Heroine, Dr. Kay Scarpetta a medical examiner is dealing with a new foe. Dublin, Ireland and Richmond, Virginia: separated by thousands of miles—linked by murder. For Dr Kay Scarpetta a lecture stint in Ireland provides the perfect opportunity to find out if the murders on both sides of the Atlantic are indeed connected. Five dismembered beheaded bodies were found in Ireland years ago—now four have been discovered in the States.But the tenth corpse in Virginia is different. There are vital discrepancies, and an indication that the elderly victim was already seriously ill. A copy-cat killing. Ghoulish, perhaps, but not unusual. And then abject terror grips Scarpetta and her colleagues when the next body is found. The circumstances of death broadcast a clear and horrifying message: the killer is armed with the most lethal weapon on earth—smallpox.

The book actually will leave you at the edge of your seat maybe yet at the edge of your bed...if your reading it there. If your into gorey stuff.. a lot of dismemberment representation going on in there. Its a must read :)

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Healthy habit is back to bite me in the ass...

I'm back to jogging...YES! I am! I dont really know but I have this sudden impulse to go back to my old routine. I used to do it everyday with my jogging buddies, CJ and Jay. I dont know about those two but, I dont really care...they are getting fatter by the minute...JOKE! love yah gurls! I still got that familiar feeling while I was on the track field...the motivation to lose weight. What's so amazing though I haven't gain eversince I stopped but, I still want to lose some more fatties...for a lot of reasons if you know what I mean.

I was with Glenn, the EB queen. Actually, Glenn and I made a deal that we should go back to our normal sunday jogging routine. As always, we were on the prowl for hunkalicious kuyaz and bitching bitches waiting to be maimed by our tantalizing stares. Unfortunately, we didnt had the chance because THERE WEREN'T ANY!!!! THE NERVE!!! so we just went on with our jog. We were silent along the way except for the loud pantings..hehehe! Our target lap was supposed to be 10 but we did only 4..PATHETIC! sigh...gone with the days were we can double it up to 15...RACH! we did some sit-ups and crunches...for the formation of our soon to be svelte figure of course.

we were spent after...all those grunts to achieve the ideal figure. We changed, powdered our lovely selves so we would look fresh again and head directly to fuente for some chow! Talk about guilt pleasure! we ate as if jogging didnt happen...echem! there's always next sunday or the next to get rid of the calories...ha! excuses! After that guilty smacking feast, we went home to our humble abode. It was fun to do it again next sunday and hopefully get to do it everyday...hahah! goodluck to myself! I'll work on persuading the wacky duo to go back to jogging... CJ??? JAY??? kelav ta jogging mga mareh!!! mu kobmatch ta ug kelav! yeko! egish!

Footnote: There were pictures actually...and I would really love to show it to you guys but...I dont have access to the mothership computer at the posse house...heheh!

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